Protect your paint for years

Southern California and Tampa Bay are great places for car enthusiasts. But the weather and elements can permanently damage a vehicle's paint and other finishes if not properly protected.

Quality ceramic coatings when properly installed and cured grant unparalleled protection from the harmful effects of the sun, salt, airborne contaminants and improper washing techniques. Ceramic coatings form an exceptionally hard glass-like protective layer over paint and also demonstrate superior hydrophobic (water repelling) characteristics. Given proper care and maintenance, the working life of a CS-II ceramic coating can be measured in years.

Restoring plastic trim

Plastic trim often becomes faded and oxidized in the sun. It needs to be correctly cleaned and rehydrated to restore its originality.


Interiors comprise plastics, leather, carpeting, upholstery, etc...The emphasis is to clean and condition with correct materials and techniques so that delicate finishes are not harmed.

Headlight restoration

Plastic headlights degrade through exposure to the elements and if left unhandled can significantly impair visibility. Professional restoration includes sanding, polishing and sealing steps.