Boat Detailing and Mold Removal

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By: Dave C., Owner

Boat detailing and mold remediation.

An important element of this detailing project was to remove the black mold from the caulking. An effective treatment was figured out whereby the caulking was saturated in bleach and deprived of oxygen for 24 hours. There were a couple of heavier spots that required an additional 24-hour application but the results were outstanding! Need help call me today on 714-746-5308. Or through the contact form, click here.

Dave Cox

Sealing over the bleached treated areas for 24 hours.

My lovely assistant helped to cover the mold-infected areas with bleached infused towels.

The bleach treated areas are left sealed for 24 hours to kill the black mold

Some treated areas required an additional 24 hours to accomplish full restoration.

The process as seen here worked spectacularly.

Removing the seal over the infused bleached area.

Removing the final sealed areas and noticing picture perfect results.

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