Ceramic Coating High Gloss Protection

Experience ultimate vehicle protection and an ultra-high glassy gloss sheen with our Ceramic Coating. Ideal for brand-new autos, it offers years of top-tier protection.

By: Dave C., Owner

CS-II Ceramic Coating Unparalleled Protection.

Professional ceramic coatings are often installed on brand-new cars, including glass, rims and leather interiors. Such was the case with this 2022 BMW M4, which was coated with select ceramic coating products from CS-ll.

This then gives the best possible protection right from the beginning of the vehicle’s life.

Installing ceramic coatings from the start protects and enhances your investment for years to come.

CS-II leather coating ensures durability and stain resistance with that fresh new look.

CS-II Ceramic Coating Unparalleled Protection. Get your investment protected from the start by installing ceramic coatings on all your surfaces.

The ceramic coating protection shines like glass over the entire surfaces of this BMW M4. The protection will stand up against the harsh environments of everyday driving.

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