General Maintenance Detailing

General maintenance detailing between your professional details.

By: Dave C., Owner

General Maintenance of your Car’s Interior and Exterior Between Professional Details

It's no secret that keeping your car clean can be a challenge. Whether you're trying to keep up with the weekly commute or dealing with the kids' soccer gear, your car can quickly become a catch-all for whatever life throws your way. But just because it's tough to keep your car clean doesn't mean it's impossible. In fact, with a little effort and the right tools, you can easily keep your car's interior and exterior looking their best between professional details.

Here are a few tips: 

Vacuum regularly.

Ideally, your carpets and upholstery should be vacuumed every week to inhibit the build-up of dirt. Pay particular attention to areas where dirt and crumbs tend to accumulate, like under the seats and in the crevices of the center console.

Wipe down interior surfaces.

Regular cleaning of the vinyl and plastic prevents the formation of a film caused by those surfaces out-gassing VOCs (volatile organic compounds). This includes the dash, door panels, center console and any other hard plastic or vinyl surfaces. A microfiber cloth dampened with a little water or an all-purpose cleaner is all you need.

Clean the windows.

With a lint-free cloth use an automotive glass cleaner as this is specially formulated to clean car windows and aftermarket tint without streaking. 

Exterior Wash.

Regular washing with a PH-balanced car soap will inhibit the build-up of dirt and grime and will enhance the performance of the ceramic coating. If you have one, using a snow foam cannon is great for minimizing the marring of the paint from the wash process. Furthermore, deionized water makes washing far easier because no hard water spots are formed.  

Rims and Tires.

The rims and tires are some of the dirtiest parts of your car, so they need to be cleaned regularly. Use a dedicated wheel cleaner and brush to remove all the brake dust and grime.

Protect the paint.

Keeping a good coat of wax, sealant or coating will serve as a sacrificial barrier against the elements. Also, maintenance washes will be easier due to the hydrophobic characteristics of the protective coating.    

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Dave Cox

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